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With our eLearning platform, take full control of your Voice of Customer program. These resources will enable your team to be the future experts in acquiring, analyzing, and acting on key customer insights.

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Become a Usabilla expert at your own pace with resources available on-demand

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Equip your team with a learning plan and best practices to start an effective Voice of Customer program

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Rapidly understand the essentials with training materials to familiarize your team with our solutions

Become an expert, at your own pace

Usabilla Academy is your complete guide to on-demand resources and learning material to fast-track your success. With guided videos and tours, given by our in-house Voice of Customer experts, a world of knowledge is at your fingertips. Topics range from building smart surveys to accessibility, with new courses added regularly to ensure the material is fresh. If anything remains unclear, our Customer Success team is always happy to help. We make our resources easy to access to encourage you to be self-sufficient, but we’ll never leave you in the dark.


Learn how to build and customize unique campaigns

Find out best practices for how to build and customize different types of surveys with our learning materials. Find the right balance between asking hte right questions, to right users, at the right time, while maintaining a positive user experience

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Develop an effective Voice of Customer strategy

Start with the fundamentals in user experience and end with moving your organization one step closer to customer centricity. Ensure you can strategically gather data, analyze it, and act to create superior digital experiences across platforms.

Learn More: Read the Ultimate Guide to Customer Feedback


Master the product suite with on-demand materials

With essential learning materials at your team's disposal on-demand with no support needed, you will master the ins and outs of our entire suite quickly. Go beyond simple surveys to understand Usabilla for Apps' capabilities or industry GDPR standards.

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