Feedback Campaigns

Actively ask your users for their feedback

Feedback campaigns help you collect even more insights into your visitors. An ‘active’ method of gathering feedback, campaigns allow you actively ask your users for their feedback. Extensive targeting options & survey types allow you to build effective exit surveys, detailed questionnaires, and more. With 4 types of feedback campaigns, Usabilla gives you the flexibility to choose the best method for you.

Increase engagement

Don’t wait for visitors to leave feedback, ask them for it.

Get quality feedback

Target specific areas of your website & run feedback campaigns to understand why users are dropping off.

Understand your visitors

Build surveys asking the questions you want to ask. Our intuitive online creator gives you unlimited possibilities.

Slide-out Surveys

Subtle surveys from the side of the webpage

Collect detailed visitor insights with a small, unintrusive survey that sits neatly on the side of the webpage.

Boost Feedback

Encourage your users to leave website feedback

Draw more focus to your feedback button by actively asking visitors to click it. Perfect for judging a redesign.

Recruit Participants

Enlist visitors for Visual Surveys, promotions, and more.

Drive traffic to different areas of your site, or collect participants for external surveys. Link visitors to any external webpage.

Full Page Survey

Run detailed questionnaires or simple exit surveys.

Create larger, more detailed feedback campaigns to encourage higher visitor engagement.

Focus on the people that matter most

User Targeting

Make your survey results as accurate as possible. Usabilla’s extensive targeting options enable you to only show surveys to the users that matter most.

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