Customer Feedback - Everything You Need To Know

What it is, how to capture it, and why it's important for your VoC strategy

What is Customer Feedback?

The secret to customer feedback is simple: listen.

Customer feedback includes any information that comes straight from a customer regarding your product, service, or customer experience. Whether on your digital channels or in-person, feedback covers everything your customer experiences during their journey with your brand. Feedback is a vital part of improving your business with customers in mind, and with it you're sure to create a strong, customer-centric culture.

How to Gather Customer Feedback

Customer feedback encompasses any and all observations, evaluations, compliments or criticism left by a customer. To capture it, first identify key areas in the customer journey to ask questions. There are plenty of ways to ask, from well-written questions in a survey on your website to a feedback form at your brick and mortar locations. You can collect customer feedback in your marketing and support emails, on third-party review sites, and through a feedback button located across your digital channels.

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Customer Feedback Forms & Customer Feedback Surveys

Customer feedback forms and customer feedback surveys are two of the most common ways to collect feedback.

To design a customer feedback form or question on your digital channels, you'll need to identify what kind of feedback you're looking to collect. If you're looking to collect customer feedback on a specific feature or element, use a small non-obtrusive slide-out survey to a targeted audience regarding one element of your customer experience. Other times, it's appropriate to send a longer survey. For example, in a follow up email to a customer post-purchase, or when you're looking for more in-depth feedback. You might be looking for a general customer satisfaction score (CSAT). In this case, you can use a customer feedback form on your website to capture a rating, usually between 1-5, on how satisfied your customer is. To collect NPS, you would ask how likely your customer is to reccommend your product or service to those in their network.

Usabilla's feedback experts can help you to design high-converting customer feedback surveys and forms, no matter what kind of feedback you're looking for. Our customer feedback software allows you to design, edit, and launch feedback forms and surveys across your website, app, and emails in an instant. This way, you have full control over your customer feedback.

Importance of Customer Feedback

With successful collection of customer feedback, you have a primary source to judge the health of your digital channels.

If customers are unhappy, feedback will let you know where and why. Once you find a solution that works for your organization, you can immediately perform customer feedback analysis and find exactly where you're excelling and where you're falling behind. Comments, suggestions and even complaints offer invaluable insights you can use to improve your product and experience.

Why is Customer Feedback Important to Voice of Customer?

Customer feedback is the foundation of a strong Voice of Customer program. In order to become a customer-centric organization, you have to ask, analyze and act upon customer feedback. Whether it's a comment, compliment or criticism, customer feedback reveals the most important perspective—your customers'. With effective customer feedback management, you unlock the door to your customers' most important needs and desires. Continuous customer feedback management ensures your organization knows exactly how well you're performing and guides your roadmap accordingly.

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Top companies know that collecting and listening to customer feedback improves products, services and experiences. Collecting customer feedback keeps your finger on the pulse of your customer's sentiment. Not only can you improve your digital channels with customer feedback, you also gain invaluable insight into what your customers expect from you in the future. Show your customers that you care. By collecting feedback, your customers know that you value their opinion. Every company can benefit from collecting customer feedback, and a Voice of Customer solution can help you start and scale your project.

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Measuring Customer Feedback

Building customer-centric experiences requires turning your customer feedback into actionable insights. That means understanding customer sentiment through feedback and making a plan to tackle any issues that arise.

The CX Pyramid

CX Pyramid

Customer feedback is often quantified through common customer experience metrics such as Goal Completion Rate (GCR), Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Net Promoter Score (NPS). The CX Pyramid represents the essential CX metrics used to measure customer feedback. Start by getting an understanding of how your customer experiences your website or product. Are they able to reach their goal? Was it easy to use? Once your customers report that they're easily able to achieve their goals, you want to know if they enjoyed their experience by collecting an emotional score rating. From there you can capture NPS which shows how likely your customer is to recommend your product or service to others in their network.

Managing Customer Feedback

With feedback labels, filtering, easy exporting and automatic email updates you can constantly stay up-to-date and track the health of your digital channels across the full customer journey. Usabilla's software integrates with many of the tools you already use in your tech stack. Combine Usabilla with your existing tech stack or use our API to combine with analytics, customer support, and ticketing software to get the full view of your qualitative and quantitative feedback data.

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