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Look beyond analytics

Let your contacts tell you why they’re not clicking

Reduce email unsubscribes

Stop guessing; deliver what your contacts actually want to receive

Boost customer satisfaction

Get qualitative feedback to discover what keeps customers happiest

Full Customization

We give you complete control

Design your own personalized widgets to match your emails and branding. Create & style your own feedback forms online, straight from your Usabilla account. Setup your widget in just a few clicks and start collecting valuable insights right away.

Optimize your communication

Send the right message

Get qualitative feedback to better understand what your users want. Tailor and test your messaging and optimize based on the feedback you get. Find out which members of your support or sales team are performing best and use detailed feedback to help them improve.

Simple to Install

With no prior technical knowledge needed, you can get started with Usabilla for Email in just a couple of simple steps. We’ve made everything as easy as possible so you can start collecting feedback straight away.

Mobile & Tablet ready

Your customers use email across multiple devices so we make sure feedback is possible on all of them. Responsive widgets & feedback forms allow your readers to give feedback on any device, regardless of screen size.

Intelligent Reporting

Discover the source of any issue with technical details such as browser, mail client or device type. View a statistical overview of your results, or jump in deeper to analyze individual feedback items.

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