Usabilla for Digital & Innovation

Influence a customer-centric culture across your organization

Understand customer journeys

Capture real-time feedback on your digital journeys across channels

Improve digital experiences

Leverage actionable insights for the improvement of digital experiences

Facilitate organizational change

Create a customer-centric culture across departments

Become a customer-centric organization

Drive organizational changes by innovating for your customers

Your customers expect an increasingly personalized experience across various channels. With Usabilla’s Voice of Customer suite, you can understand your customer’s changing needs, drive changes across departments, and push your organization on the right track to customer-centricity.

Simplify engagement by creating a dialogue with your customers and leverage their insights to plan for future innovations. Integrate real-time feedback across websites and mobile apps to uncover insights about your digital journeys. Pair with platforms like session recording to diagnose your problems in-depth and prevent customer churn and potential losses.

Optimize your mobile channels

As customer engagement on mobile grows, Usabilla for Apps ensures you have the right solution to make improvements to the user experience. Easily implement into your iOS or Android SDK and capture feedback with targeted campaigns.

Create dashboards that fit your needs

Visualize your data with key insights, emotional trendlines, NPS score, and more, to align your data. Our benchmarking lets you compare KPIs with your industry. Break down the data further by type of device, operating systems, and more.

Organize and track progress

Delegate tasks with task and case management tools to ensure you’re driving customer-centricity across departments. Report on progress of feedback and keep track of improvements that are in process or complete.


Empowering digital transformations

Learn how to make Digital Transformation projects a cross-functional initiative that is customer-centric and drives impact. Understand the ROI of these projects and how it relates to the concept of Digital Darwinism.

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“We have always considered ourselves to be customer-focused. With Usabilla, we have the possibility to gather feedback from our visitors in each step of their journey, adding a constant stream of qualitative data which allows us to improve channels each and every day.”
Matthias Lewin, Product Owner, Digital Channels Optimization
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