Usabilla for People & Culture

Engage your employees to drive performance

Measure engagement and performance

Capture ongoing feedback from your employees

Dive deeper into employee insights

Create custom reports or dive into individual employee data

Improve employee satisfaction

Take action on feedback to make improvements in your processes

Create a Voice of Employee Program

Build your success by engaging your employees

Your employees want to know that you’re providing them with an outlet and listening to their feedback. Usabilla brings together our powerful tools in surveys and analytics to bring you the Voice of the Employee (VoE).

Collect feedback anywhere from the recruitment process to employee performance. With survey fatigue growing, your ability to capture quick insights will help you understand employee pain points. At every stage, you can measure and improve employee experiences by creating an ongoing dialogue and analyzing in real-time.

Ongoing engagement surveys

Create surveys to measure employee engagement and performance on an ongoing basis with extensive targeting and timing triggers. Analyze team performance or individual employee data with custom variables, labels, and filtering options.

Feedback on training and onboarding

Follow up on trainings and onboarding with a variety of tools from classic email surveys to quick and subtle slide-out campaigns. Take action to analyze macro trends and enhance the employee experience.

Streamline communications

With solutions like Usabilla for Email, you can capture feedback from your employees in your communications emails. Know when to act upon pressing issues. Create unique variables that will identify clear trends in employee data.

“We were really surprised to see how many people are willing to leave quality feedback. Most feedback items we receive are actionable and help us to constantly improve.”
Vanja Malco, Direct Sales Manager
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