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Logo Babbel

With the targeting abilities for campaigns, you can increase confidence within your teams that you’re talking to the right people. With Usabilla, we can make sure that we’re getting the most representative audience that we can.

Rachel Lynch,
UX Researcher Lead, Babbel,

Logo Orange

“Behind everything that we are doing, the customer is in mind.”

Pawel Czartoryjski,
Product Marketing Director,

Logo Forever New Clothing

“Usabilla delivers the ability to listen to your customers whenever and wherever they want to talk to you. It’s an ideal choice for any organisation committed to listening to its customers and using their insights to drive their day to day business.”

Carolyn Mackenzie,
Managing Director,
Forever New Clothing

Logo Energy Super

“Usabilla’s Voice of Customer platform has certainly helped us achieve a greater level of customer centricity with feedback not only shaping the digital roadmap but becoming increasingly important in how we prioritize optimizing the full breadth of experiences we offer.”

Marcus McNally,
Digital Manager,
Energy Super

Logo AkzoNobel

“The reporting service helps in formulating milestones. It helps us to identify fixed time slots on when to review the data, which means getting people in a room to talk about customer feedback and nothing else. Usabilla’s Reporting Service brings data to life.”

Lewis Alderson,
Global Digital Traffic Manager,

Logo Beachbody On Demand

“Usabilla helps us save costs by expediting the process of identifying problems and sending them to the right people to resolve.”

Mike Farrell,
Digital Product Operations,
Beachbody On Demand

Logo National Rugby League

“I would highly recommend Usabilla for any digital team that struggles with getting user insights following releases. Usabilla has allowed us to put our fans at the heart of our digital development and make everyone in the digital team a stakeholder in the insights we are gathering ”

John Edwards,
Senior Product Manager,
National Rugby League

Logo Charles Sturt University

“User validation is a key component of the CSU web strategy and while this has traditionally been a time consuming, manual process for us, the introduction of Usabilla means we are now able to gather feedback from each step of the user journey delivering a constant stream of insight back to the development team enabling them to continue to improve that journey in line with user expectations”

Paula Woodhouse,
User Experience & Design Manager,
Charles Sturt University

Logo Bandwidth

“Not a day goes by that I haven’t logged into Usabilla or had a conversation in Slack about customer feedback collected in Usabilla. It’s changed my job and the way our company builds products. It’s amazing. ”

Josh Gibbs,
Platform Product Manager,

Logo Holland & Barrett

“Navigating the Usabilla portal is extremely easy, and the Customer Success support is quick and helpful. They’re always open to our feedback on how to make their solution better, which is rare. Overall, Usabilla is a great product.”

Michelle Hodgson,
Digital Optimization Manager,
Holland & Barrett


“Usabilla is the easiest and quickest way for the user to leave feedback and for the company to gather feedback. Usabilla integrates the voice of the user within your company.”

Niels Kaspers,
Product Manager,

Logo Trivago

“Usabilla provided us the precious capability of collecting insights from users with real needs in real time.”

Alessio Zazzarini,
Head of UX Research,

Logo Scania

“Usabilla has enabled us to communicate directly with our users in a much more efficient way than before. ”

Jonatan Lidström,
UX Designer,


“It helps me know for certain I’m identifying the correct problem so I don’t have to take stabs in the dark. I know what the problem is so I can tackle it and make changes and immediately measure those changes to see if we were able to move the needle - that saves a lot of time. ”

Chrystal Jaeger,
UX/UI Researcher & Designer,

Logo Sage

“With Usabilla, we can understand the entire user journey. It's important to know what you want to test and why, and to continuously capture feedback so you can always be improving.”

Lucy Taylor,
Associate Product Manager,

Logo Bloomon

“For a company whose mission it is to spread happiness, Usabilla is a great solution to measure and understand what happiness means for our customers.”

Maarten Vriesen,
UX Designer,

Logo Transilien

“Usabilla really enabled us to understand our customers and their expectations. Implementing Usabilla’s Voice of Customer (VoC) Solution has allowed us to understand patterns in data and more importantly, understand the “why” behind those patterns.”

Melanie le Nen,
Online Marketing Manager,

Logo KLM

“When the app is an amazing service tool for our frequent flyers, users will return to book their flights and buy ancillaries, which will in turn have a direct impact on revenue. Gathering feedback via Usabilla helped us to improve our app.”

Stijn Bannier,
Product Manager Mobile,

Logo Mediafin

“With Usabilla, we have been able to identify the painpoints of our customers and act on them as they become apparent. In addition to that, it allows us to prioritize the work of the designers based on feedback received from our end-user.”

Oya Uçar,
Customer Base Manager,

Logo Coolblue

“I would recommend Usabilla because it allows companies to get new insights and inspiration from a customer perspective by simply asking a vitally important question: Why?”

Shariar Khalili,
Senior Landing Page Specialist,

Logo Apollo

“We have always considered ourselves to be customer-focused. Whenever we have large projects, we always analyze our data to ensure each channel is fully optimized. With Usabilla, we now have the possibility to gather feedback from our website visitors in each step of their journey adding a constant stream of qualitative data which allows us to improve channels each and every day.”

Matthias Lewin,
PO - Digital Channels Optimization,

Logo VisionDirect

“Why Usabilla? Because of its duality of options, as opposed to the other feedback providers which are extremely basic in their functionalities.”

Gunars Vucens,
UX Design Manager,

Logo Transavia

“I would recommend Usabilla to everyone who wants a clear overview of customer feedback on every digital touchpoint.”

Vanja Mlaco,
Direct Sales,

Logo Vodafone

“Usabilla enables us to continuously monitor and improve the customer experience on our website; we are able to identify issues and prioritize improvements in a quick and easy way.”

Pieter Honig,
Digital Business Analyst,

Logo Aer Lingus

“Usabilla enables us to pin-point the issue and provide useful information, metadata and visual context of what is happening. This reduces investigation and resolution time for these bugs by up to 50%.”

Catherine Wilson,
Lead UX Strategy Designer,
Aer Lingus

Logo Sohosted

“Thanks to the simplicity and effectiveness of Usabilla, we have solved all major usability problemsand conversion rates have skyrocketed.”

Lauris Kooi,
Online Marketeer,

Logo Virgin

“The ability to see exactly what a customer is looking at when logging feedback has proved invaluable.”

Matthew Walsh,
Online Trading Conversion Manager,

Logo WE Fashion

“We get very diverse feedback – from compliments and suggestions, to complaints and checkout issues. The tool helps us to quickly act on negative user experiences and optimize our website to match our customers’ needs and expectations.”

Matthijs Bionda,
Online Marketer,
WE Fashion

Logo Lufthansa

“The screenshot function is invaluable. It makes it much easier to reproduce and understand customers’ concerns.”

Corinna Birkhofer,
Online Sales & Analysis,

Logo T-Mobile

“We did not find [our previous feedback method] very useful in the processing of customer feedback, as we did not know which part of the page the comment was about.”

Margot van Pelt,
Web Analyst & Optimization Specialist,

Logo SJ

"Listening to the user’s voice is the most powerful tool you can have. Usabilla empowered us to do so.”

Johan Wistrand,
Customer Experience Manager,

Logo Autotrack

“I can easily recommend Usabilla to anyone who’s looking for a versatile way to collect user friendly feedback. Usabilla is in fact much more than collecting feedback – we are yet exploring new ways to connect with our customers through Usabilla.”

Pim Hutjens,
Product Manager,

Logo Menzis

“The simplicity and intuitive design of Usabilla Live makes it very easy to use. This allows us to integrate Usabilla into the daily workflow of our organization – something we couldn’t manage before with Kampyle.”

Navajo Broere,
Content Manager,

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